Photos and Slideshows from WWII

Building and Training

U.S. Naval Training Station - Farragut, Idaho (Photos of Fred Brinkman)

U.S. Naval Training Station - Farragut, Idaho - A Picture Book

Camp San Luis Obispo - A Picture Book of the Camp (Fred Brinkman's 1944 copy)

APA 154 Beach Party Battalion

Treasure Island Souvenir Booklet

The Oregon Ship Building Company (Kaiser) - Record Breakers

Vancouver Ship Building (Kaiser) - The Ships We Build

The USS Lowndes Sister Ships' Cruise Books

Photos taken on Ship

Lowndes Boys: Part 1 (Mostly from Mike Michalski's Collection)

Lowndes Boys: Part 2 (From Mike Michalski's and Fred Brinkman's Collection)

Lowndes Boys: Part 3 (From Dominic Scovello's, Fred Brinkman's, and Mike Michalski's Collections)

Lowndes Boys: Part 4 (From Fred Brinkman's Collection)

Lowndes Boys: Part 5 (From Fred Brinkman's Collection and others)

Lowndes Boys: Part 6 (From Mike Michalski's and Fred Brinkman's Collection)

Lowndes Boys: Part 8 (Harley Max Welker's Collection)

Island Duty

Lowndes Boys on Iwo Jima and Saipan: Part 7 (From Fred Brinkman's Collection)

USS Lowndes Beach Party's Yellow Beach Pre-Invasion Photo and Notes

USS Lowndes Boat #21 (LCVP) stuck in the black sand of Iwo Jima (Collier's Magazine 1945)

Joe Rosenthal's photo of Lowndes Beach Party in action on Iwo Jima (D-Day or D-Day+1 around 2:45 in Iwo Jima afternoon)

Color Video: Damaged USS Logan (APA-196) at Iwo Jima near the Lowndes

Song and Service Book for Ship and Field (1944)

"The English Book" and notes from Lowndes Trip to Japan (1945)


The Making of a Shellback (1945)

Autographs of My Friends (1945)

Official USS Lowndes Framed Picture with military awards

USS Lowndes Repair Documents (San Francisco - July-Aug 1945)

USS Lowndes Decommissioning Documents

U.S. made Leaflet dropped on Japan instructing Japanese how to Surrender

LCVP - Higgins Boat - Design and Patent

Life Aboard A Transport - 1944 Booklet

Just After The War

Pictures From 1947

Special Note: The photos I have from Mike Michalski are in perfect condition despite being stored in an attic for over 50 years (in Columbia, SC that means about 150 degrees in the summer to 20 degrees in the winter). He did a great job taking the pictures and using the highest quality processing/developing (Which was handled by his Sister).

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