The Lowndes Young Men that gave everything...

October 2004 - We have just learned from information in the ship's deck log and official Navy casualty lists that Seamen Ellis Robert Morton was killed on Iwo Jima. Two 1945 letters from Fred Brinkman also confirm this.

Ellis Robert Morton

Don Bowman

Dave Frederick - "I was on the boat deck when the Beach Party was loading and Don Bowman said to me "Here Dave I don't think I'm coming back". He gave me his billfold, keys to his locker and penknife. "

Norman Richards

Fred Brinkman - "Before Rick was hit, it seemed that he wasn't worried about anything. He just kept pitchin' in his quiet way. "

Family photos sent to Fred Brinkman in March 1945 from the Richards' Family

"Stanley and our dog Red. This dog howled so one nite before we knew about Norman." "Florence Richards taken in our back yard."

"Keith, Virginia + Wallace Richards (March 1945)"


50th Anniversary of World War II - Dedication Ceremony Program

Resolution in Memory of Norman Richards

  Resolution in Memory of Donald Bowman

Newspaper articles on Norman Richards (1945-1948)

A Letter from the Family of Don Bowman to Fred Brinkman (1946)

A Letter from the Family of Norman Richards to Fred Brinkman (1945)

Video: Memorial for Don Bowman and Norman Richards - 1995 Texas Reunion (9.5 Minutes)

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